Today, a remarkable 79% of Americans believe the political debate in the U.S. is “overheated and dangerous.” Another 54% of Americans also want political leaders in Washington to work together. A Congress that Works will replace distrust with confidence, dysfunction with improvements.

It’s no secret that our Congress needs help – and when our governing process fails to function, reform is necessary. This year, the House of Representatives took a major step to revitalize itself by creating a Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress.  But there’s still more work to be done.

It’s time to hold Congress accountable for making these reforms a reality so that we truly have a Congress for the people… a Congress that Works!


The bipartisan Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress is charged with recommending vital changes that will make Congress work to propel our nation forward. While the creation of this committee in the House was a positive step, it is now up to us to ensure its success.

A Congress that Works requires an examination of the entire institution. It will take a concerted and sustained effort, as well as political resolve, to fix our Legislative Branch, but we believe this fundamental overhaul is necessary to make Congress more accountable to the American people and renew faith in our congressional leaders.

The committee has made significant strides. Its recommendations would help ensure that Congress is more efficient, effective, and accessible to the American people. Now, it’s important that House leadership and committees of jurisdiction move these recommendations forward.



Make the House accessible to all Americans.


Improve transparency and efficiency throughout the lawmaking process.


Improve the American public’s ability to understand changes and revisions in legislation.


Modernize and revitalize House technology.


Overhaul the onboarding process and provide continuing education for members of Congress.

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