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Committee Updates

Coalition Letter Urging House Members to Support H. Res. 756 Where Republicans and Democrats work together to ‘fix Congress’ A bipartisan committee has ideas to make Congress more bipartisan — and lawmakers are listening Task force hammers out plans to make Congress more efficient Bloomberg: Panel Embraces Policies on Bipartisanship Day After Impeachment The fix-up-Congress committee takes on a fresh agenda for 2020 Select Committee Unanimously Approves Third Round of Recommendations National Journal: Modernization Committee Looks to Improve Member-Elect Experience Committee on modernizing Congress knows what it wants from the House Bloomberg Government: Modernization Panel Unveils News Recommendations to Update House Modernization Committee Introducing Bipartisan Legislation to Reform Congress Now that the House’s modernization panel is extended, it has a lot more work to do Modernization Committee Extension for Strengthening the Legislative Branch House leaders give modernization panel more time BPC: Extension of Modernization Committee is a “Victory for Strengthening Congress" The Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress gets another year House extends Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress for another year Modernization Committee Extended for Another Year It's Time to Extend the Modernization Committee Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress website MarketWatch: Meet the Committee on Capitol Hill That's Trying to Make Congress Great Again Committee Hearing: Congress and the Frank: Bringing Congressional Mailing Standards into the 21st Century Modernizing Congress to Meet Public Expectation Meet the committee on Capitol Hill that’s trying to make Congress great again Bloomberg Government: Weekends in Washington Weighed as Way to Make Congress Behave Committee Hearing: The House Calendar and Schedule: Evaluating Practices and Challenges When Impeachment Meets a Broken Congress With impeachment churning, Modernization panel urges civility Committee Hearing: Promoting Civility and Building a More Collaborative Congress Committee Hearing: Recommendations for Improving the Budget and Appropriations Process Graves says bipartisan select committee could loosen gridlock in Congress New Modernization Committee Recommendations Important Step for Helping Congress Better Serve Constituents House Modernization Committee recommends bringing back Office of Technology Assessment Modernization committee makes proposals to help staffers, improve IT Modernization panel calls for new HR hub, cyber training Second Round of Recommendations: Staffing, Technology, and Accessibility in Congress Committee Hearing: Modernizing Legislative Information Technology - Lessons from the States The mountains between Congress and modernization Bipartisan Policy Center: Committee Chat: Q&A with Modernization Committee Chairman Kilmer and Vice Chair Graves Lawmakers discuss challenges awaiting House committee to modernize Congress Op-Ed by Reps. Kilmer and Graves: The bipartisan effort to reform Congress Committee Hearing: Cultivating Diversity and Improving Retention Among Congressional Staff To Reassert Its Lost Power, Congress Must Join the 21st Century Committee Hearing: Improving Constituent Engagement Capitol Hill lawmakers working to update how bills are drafted, published Against the odds, select committee aims to push Congress into the 21st century Congressional panel calls for lobbying disclosure reforms Transparency is focus of first recommendations from panel on modernizing Congress Bipartisan Policy Center Action Statement on Modernization Committee's First Set of Recommendations on Transparency Select Committee to Vote on First Round of Recommendations Confused by Congress’ bills? Maybe AI can help Committee Hearing: Recommendations for Making Legislative Information More Transparent Former Congress members throw support behind Office of Technology Assessment revival To modernize Congress, start with staffer pay and technology, retired lawmakers say Former lawmakers urge Congress to consider pay raises Fix Congress! Powerful testimony from six former lawmakers on how Congress is broken Committee Hearing: Former Members on Congressional Reform Issue One: Eight things you should know about the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress Committee Hearing: Congressional Reforms of the Past and Their Effect on Today’s Congress Select Committee Member's Day Hearing Pay Raises, More Staff, Earmarks: Lawmakers Propose Ways to Overhaul Congress House leaders need to modernize Congress for the sake of America How is Congress Doing? Evaluating the Legislative Branch featuring Rep. Kilmer Congressional Institute: Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress Members Named Tom Graves Named Republican Leader of Committee on Congressional Modernization Chairman Kilmer Statement on Speaker Pelosi’s Appointments to the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress Q&A with Rep. Kilmer: Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress Kilmer Named Chair of Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress H.Res. 3

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How young people are modeling bipartisanship in a polarized world Can we all just get along? Now it is a question for Congress. How 18th century rules for congressional 'mail' could work in the 21st Can we all just get along? Now it is a question for Congress. Modernize Congress to Make It Work for the People A Permanent Committee to Improve Congress How can we expect Congress to deal with real issues if it can’t even give itself a raise? Your interoperable democracy Could earmarks be making a return to Congress? Beyond polarization: Why fixing a broken Congress matters Shutdowns and legislative logjams stir appreciation for the once-hated earmark Lobbyists to Congress: Pay staffers better Congressional Institute: The Perils of Going Too Small on Congressional Reform Should Congress spend more on itself to avoid deterioration? App tells you when US House of Representatives is voting House leaders need to modernize Congress for the sake of America R Street Institute: Congressional Reorganization Acts History Bipartisan Policy Center: Healthy Congress Index Why the Filibuster Needs Reform Quotes of Support for a Committee to Revitalize Congress Chart: History of the Committees on the Organization of Congress Congress of Tomorrow Statements of Support R Street Institute's Casey Burgat and Kevin Kosar in Politico: OK, so the House wants to reform itself? Here’s what it should really do. Roll Call: Outside influences seek to remake 'This Old House' Who's on the Hill? Staffing and Human Capital in Congress's Legislative Committees

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