Oct 16, 2019

Committee Chat: Modernization Committee Members Reps. DelBene and Brooks Featured on The Bipartisan Backstory

As partisan bickering and political divides continue to dominate headlines, it’s easy to forget that positive things are happening in Congress. Despite this, progress is being made, including on the Modernization Committee—one of the few truly bipartisan committees in Congress.

So, what can Congress as a whole learn from the Modernization Committee’s bipartisan leadership and its members? And what’s next for the committee as it works to find ways to make Congress work better for the American people?

Recently, BPC Action sat down with two of the four female committee members, Reps. Suzan DelBene (D-WA) and Susan Brooks (R-IN), in the next edition of our series, “Committee Chat: Q&A with the Modernization Committee.” Check out the podcast here!

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