Feb 11, 2019

It’s Time for a Congress that Works

After years of Congress’s continued dysfunctional spiral and failure to perform its basic duties, Bipartisan Policy Center Action said enough is enough.  We launched the Congress of Tomorrow effort to demand a committee that would drive institutional reforms to avoid partisan-driven crises, encourage responsible budgeting, and once again respond to the immediate needs of Americans in their everyday lives.

At the start of 2019—after people from across the country, like you, sent more than 27,600 letters to more than 500 members of Congress— our push for a Congress of Tomorrow culminated in a spectacular victory: The House of Representatives created a Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress with an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote. This monumental achievement wouldn’t have been possible without YOU speaking out loud and clear for change.

It’s all about creating a Congress that responds to US, the American people.  This is now within reach, and with a major win in our pockets, it’s time we continue this momentum. That’s why we’re relaunching our movement in 2019, to finally achieve a Congress that Works! At this critical juncture, it’s more important than ever that we keep pressure on our elected officials in Congress to ensure that real change is created through this new committee – and to now establish a similar committee in the United States Senate.

The only way to secure a comprehensive revitalization of Congress is from the inside – but the only way that will happen is if we all demand it from the outside. Will you join us as we champion a Congress that Americans deserve… a Congress that Works?

Together, we will make major waves of change in 2019!

Is Congress Working for You?